If you like your comics art with the bustling expansiveness of a Heavy Metal story and swollen shapes carved out in crosshatching along the lines of Howard Cruse or Joshua Cotter's comics, try taking a hit off of Buster Moody's work. Whether he's stacking fortresses on top of snails or sending some Sentinels after Wolverine, he's clearly got a his mind on textures and tension.In the rich archives of Moody's blog, you'll also find some brilliant tributes to Jack Kirby in the form of some aging New Gods. His Metron and Orion are colorful both in their looks and senility, which make for some hilarity and MAD Magazine-appropriate scenes.

Scope out his Akira piece and original work, too. Moody's got a distinctive tone and clever way about his designs. We love it all, but we've picked a few select favorites to share with you down below. It's gorgeous stuff!

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