Among the colorful cosplay, massive booths, interactive displays and walls of merchandise at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo -- colloquially known as C2E2 -- remains the most important component of the show: Comic creators. ComicsAlliance hit the show floor to catch the men and women who tell our favorite stories in sequential art and captured the enthusiasm that comes from fans getting to meet their favorite storytellers at one of the biggest conventions of the year.

We caught Batgirl writer Gail Simone and DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio in mid-conversation, but they didn't seem to mind.
Action Comics writer Greg Pak has some other work to show us.
And here's the artist of Action Comics, Aaron Kuder, hard at work on a commission.
Batman writer Scott Snyder explains it all.
G-Man creator Chris Giarusso drawing diligently.
And here's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's Katie Cook, also deep in art mode.
Gene Ha offers up a secret preview of his new series, Mae.
Ryan Browne is pleased as punch that his series God Hates Astronauts is coming to Image.
Peter J. Tomasi is staying tight-lipped about which Robin is coming back in Robin Rising: Omega.
Punisher artist Mitch Gerads, making them pretty pictures.
Skyward's Jeremy and Kelly Dale are glad to be here.
The Manhattan Projects artist Nick Pitarra approves, too.
The God Machine writer/artist Chandra Free takes a break from a long commission list.
Colorist Laura Martin takes a short break from coloring so, so many comics.
Jeff Parker handles on of his Batman '66 hardcovers with care.
Justin Jordan (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode) and Rachel Deering (In the Dark) lean in close.
She-Hulk writer Charles Soule stands tall.
Harley Quinn co-writer Jimmy Palmiotti flashes those pearly whites.
And here's Palmiotti's Harley Quinn co-writer, Amanda Conner, signing away.
Batman Inc. artist Chris Burnham yuks it up.
Ben Templesmith (Choker) dressed up just for us. He told us so.
Mike Norton (Revival) draws a pug.
And here's Mike's Revival collaborator Tim Seeley.
Phil Hester (The Wretch) gets contemplative.
Noted Bill Murray fan Eric Powell (The Goon).
And last but not least, comics legend Neal Adams.