Last Friday, we asked ComicsAlliance readers to tell us their craziest dreams about comics (or comic book characters) in order to enter to win the new iPad app for Little Nemo in Slumberland, the original crazy dreamtime comic. We've selected our three winners for your viewing and dream interpretation pleasure.


I had a dream once where I was Spiderman and I was getting married to Mary Jane. It was right as the ceremony was finishing up and at the part where they ask if anyone has an objection to the marriage and all of a sudden someone yell "You're goddamn right I do!" and as I'm turning I feel the whole world start to get blurry and I'm never able to actually see who said it but then I'm instantly on the ground and everyone is looking at me and looking in horror like I'm a car wreck or something. I'm in a stupor of some kind and can't talk or move so a bunch of people lift me up on a table and then I notice as my head tilts that my body had been turned into cake and I'm being prepped to be served to the guests. My head gets put straight and I look over and I see Mary Jane in tears as she raises a silver cake knife and she starts cutting into me and giving the pieces to various Superheroes and guests. We lock eyes at one point and she leans over and whispers "I'm so sorry Tiger. I love you. I always will."

That is truly messed up, LostCrichton! Almost as messed up as the time Data dreamed about cellular peptide cake. And we love it.Lauren Blanchard:

I start out in a spaceship with Dr. Doom and we are being attacked by the Decepticons. Dr. Doom gives me control over all the Doombots and I jump out of the hatch, turn into the Phoenix and start destroying the army. We board Astro Train and I punch my way through several Decepticons before finding Megatron. I vaguely remember saying something witty to him before ripping his arms off and shoving my fist through his chest, but I can't remember what it was. I kill Megatron, throw him into space and then I jump out of the doorway towards Earth. The next thing I know, I'm powerless and in a dimly lit castle running for my life from Vampire Apocalypse. He grabs me by the head, throws me on the floor and says, "This won't hurt." I'm screaming and he bites me. Then I woke up. My husband told me I must have been going through Marvel withdrawal.


Had a real crazy one a while back...I was Tony Stark's girlfriend but was trying to hide the fact that Wolverine and I used to have a thing, and then I cheated on him with Thor. True story.

I do not think that is a true story, but I am going to give you an iPad app anyway, Rhi! Thanks for sharing, everybody, and three winners should hit us up via e-mail to claim their prizes.

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