Every sketch artist with a table at a convention should be able to showcase a definitive style. For Cal Slayton, whether he's drawing Catwoman, Storm or the Fourth Doctor from Doctor Who, that style involves hips built to take out tanks and flashy smiles. His cover concepts and commissions manage to flash an Archie Comics-style sense of glee, but they also sport a cartoonish sexiness along the lines of Josh Howard's work.Slayton is a sketch card machine, which you will quickly see if you stop by his deviantART account. The fire in his Dark Phoenix piece there is gorgeous, as is the composition in his Julie Newmar Catwoman portrait.

Scope out Slayton's Polaris cover, too, where he really shows off his mastery of the Kirby Krackle in an homage to Jim Steranko. He certainly knows how to lay some colors down and fill out all of that white space.

Check out some of Slayton's work below: