While Superman calls the fictional American cities of Smallville and Metropolis home, half of the Man of Steel's creative team has roots in our neighbor to the north. Honoring Jerry Siegel's Canadian-American collaborator Joe Shuster's origins, the Royal Canadian Mint is forging seven new silver/gold/cupronickel Superman coins ranging in price from around $30-750 CAD (that's roughly $31-775 USD - "more in Canada" indeed, old comics).

The Kryptonese-emblazoned coins are all limited edition, with a few yet-to-be minted. On top of being minted out of precious metals, they're also hand-painted and packaged in Supes-centric displays.

Since the Supes coins are all so pricy, fans probably won't want to use them as actual legal tender -- even though you totally can -- but their value will probably be maintained in full if you dump the set into a sock, patrol the streets for crime like Gangbuster and get recruited into the Justice League of Canada. I mean, have you seen what a good pair of nunchuks goes for lately?

Or maybe the fact that most of these coins cost more than Shuster's cut of what he and Siegel were paid for Superman by Detective Comics, Inc. co-owner Jack Liebowitz in 1938 will give you pause altogether?

You can see some of the Canadian Superman coin designs below: