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Marvel Comics announced today that Steve Rogers, the original Captain America who was killed two years ago during the "Civil War" storyline, will be coming back to life in "Captain America" #600, followed by the upcoming series "Reborn." The Cap issue hits comic book shops this Wednesday, and the first issue of "Reborn" on July 1st.

"Reborn" editor Tom Brevoort told ComicsAlliance
that while he can't reveal exactly how Rogers comes back to life, "we had the mechanism by which Steve comes back in place in when he died. And even before that issue, there were hints and clues that are about to start paying off."

To honor the return of the original American hero, Chris Sims of the Invincible Super-Blog helped ComicsAlliance collect some of the greatest and most hilarious moments from the nearly 70-year career of Captain America.

Captain Americas Best Moments

    Captain America punching Hitler in the face on the cover of his first appearance is one of the most iconic images in comics, especially since he was doing it nine full months before the US was actually at war.

    The next time someone gives you that line about Cap being a guy from the '40s who wouldn't be comfortable in modern society, remind them that he's hip enough to refer to country music as "C.M."

    The scene where Cap rides a motorcycle out of his own grave was a feat that wouldn't be matched until the video for Motorhead's video for "Killed By Death" in 1984.

    Sometimes, defending the country means going to England and straight up chopping a vampire's head off with your shield. Really: That's in the Constitution.

    When the Masters of Evil take Avengers Mansion and basically spend four issues beating the crap out of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, they take the time to personally destroy all of Cap's personal effects, including the only photograph he has of his mother. His response to their gloating will go down as one of the greatest "Oh Snap" moments in comic book history.

    When you're trying to convince a gang of super-heroes to follow your orders, it probably helps to have an actual honest-to-Asgard god show up to vouch for you.

    And that young man grew up to be President Barack Obama. (Well, not really, but wouldn't that be cool?)

    Jim Steranko's run on Captain America only lasted three short issues (broken up by a fill-in that Jack Kirby drew over a weekend), but it makes up for it with iconic shots like this one.

    Competing in a deadly skateboard roller-derby to win his shield back from a Reubenesque gladiatrix named "Tinkerbelle" isn't one of Cap's best moments, but we're pretty sure it's one of his most awesome.

    After gaining ultimate power over everything, Thanos spends an entire issue killing off the Marvel super-heroes in imaginative ways, at which time Cap decides it's a good idea to essentially start smack-talking God.

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