Thanks to Marvel's steady stream of images promoting the upcoming "Siege" event, it's pretty hard not to think about Thor, Iron Man and Captain America punching people in the face (or being punched themselves).

As a mondo thunder god fan, yesterday's images of the Odinson getting pummeled did not thrill me, but I'm pleased to report that today's "Siege" promo is a bit more encouraging -- if you like dead bad guys, anyway.

After a long, very dark reign, Bucky Cap seems to have Norman Osborn right where fans want him. But is it okay for Cap to kill? What would Steve Rogers do? What price victory? Ah, so many questions!

Readers will have to wait until December to find out the answer to these questions and more, but I'm kind of hoping at least a few of these teaser scenarios actually come to fruition and aren't just, well, teasers.