Welcome to Cast Party, the feature that imagines a world with even more live action comic book adaptations than we currently have, and comes up with arguably the best casting suggestions you’re ever going to find for the movies and shows we wish could exist.

In the second of our guest editions for Pride Week, Tara Marie wants to see a fresh take on a TV adaptation of Hellblazer, completely divorced from the cancelled 2014 Constantine TV show. This version would take its lead not just from the recently wrapped Constantine: The Hellblazer comic series by James Tynion IV, Ming Doyle, Riley Rossmo, and Ivan Plascencia, but from the Vertigo Hellblazer years and related series like Swamp Thing and Sandman.

The show would focus on creating a grounded world in which any of Constantine's stories could occur. The first season arc would have Constantine in New York City, attempting to escape from his past, his former lover Kit, and a deal he made years earlier with The First of the Fallen. AMC, makers of The Walking Dead and Preacher, would be the natural home for this show.

  • Rick Cosnett as John Constantine

    DC / CW

    If you've ever watched him in Quantico, The Flash, or Castle, then you know Cosnett has an unbelievable charm that constantly seems to be hiding a darker side. Which is perfect for Constantine. Sure, he's not British, but... hey, look, the next entry!

  • Ricky Whittle as Oliver

    DC / CW

    Oliver the bartender, from Constantine: The Hellblazer, would be the one Constantine explains things to, and has casual sex with.

  • Michelle Hendley as Ellie

    Vertigo / Wolfe

    A former demon and confidante of Constantine's. If AMC wanted to cross this show over with Preacher, her fell-for-an-angel plot would fit perfectly. Michelle Hendley is a relative unknown actress who was discovered after a casting director saw her transition timeline on YouTube.

  • Ron Perlman as Swamp Thing

    DC / Columbia Pictures

    While Swamp Thing as a regular might tip the scales too far towards the fantastic, he'd be perfect as a special guest star. And who better to play him than Ron Perlman? (Nobody. The answer's nobody.)

  • Naomie Harris as Kit

    Vertigo / United Artists

    Kit is the love of Constantine's lifem and eventual mother of his part-demon child, and the first arc would primarily focus on her. Naomie Harris, best known as Tia Dalma in the Pirates of the Caribbean films and Moneypenny in the Daniel Craig Bonds, strikes a perfect balance of down-to-earth awesome and otherworldly weird.

  • Doug Jones as The First of the Fallen

    Vertigo / STX Entertainment

    The First of the Fallen is like Lucifer, but creepier and more evil. Doug Jones, who played the Angel of Death in Hellboy II, The Gentlemen in Buffy, and other lithe figures from your nightmares, would fit in perfectly here. And, in rare form, he would be unencumbered by make-up or prothetics.

  • Matt Bomer as The Corinthian

    Vertigo / FX

    Yes, The Corinthian is from The Sandman, but as a supernatural serial killer with teeth for eyes, he is a perfect recurring villain for Constantine. Matt Bomer's charm and good looks already seem straight out of the '80s, so he would be a perfect match for this Miami Vice-looking monster.