Even if you didn't know you were looking at Cat Staggs' work, you are likely to have seen it in a Star Wars or Upper Deck Iron Man trading card set. She draws super-photo-realistic figures with the drama of Greg Horn, but usually with a little less sexual suggestion going on.What Staggs does do, however, is color up a mean Huntress or Batwoman, both of whom you will find in her deviantART gallery. She keeps a blog on her website at CatStaggs.com, too. If she's coming to an artists alley near you, it'll probably be noted there.

As for Staggs' Storm and Captain America, Alex Ross, eat your heart out. A little photo-realism can go a long way with superheroes, but she's got a solid-enough grasp of anatomy, costume materials and lighting to make both of them look imposing.

Have a look at a few of our other favorite Staggs portraits below.