Say what you will about DC's mass media projects, but one thing they've been very good about over the past few years is giving giving us plenty of comics meant to take advantage of their mass media success. With Batman v Superman hitting screens this month, it's at the point where you literally can't open a box of Cheerios without finding a comic book in there somewhere, but for the TV universe, they've been relying on digital-first comics like The Adventures of Supergirl to help turn viewers into readers.

Now, though, it looks like they're expanding that plan into print. As announced today, DC will be publishing Adventures of Supergirl as a bimonthly comic at $2.99, serializing the digital-first stories that tie into the CBS Supergirl show in advance of a paperback collection set to debut this fall.


Adventures of Supergirl, DC Comics


It's not exactly a surprising move - Supergirl has already been renewed for another season, and DC's been putting out print versions of the the digital-first Flash and Arrow tie-in comics for a while now - but it's certainly a welcome one. As much as Comixology has helped widen the reading audience by giving readers the ability to buy an read comics at 3 AM without ever leaving bed - the ideal life for most of us - viewers who aren't aware of digital comics might head to a local shop to find something that has the same feeling of the show, and it's always better to have something to show them that's not just "you have to get that online."

Here's the word from the official press release:

The Adventures of Supergirl is a Digital First comic book series that launched online in January 2016, inspired by the CBS hit TV series SUPERGIRL. Critically acclaimed series writer Sterling Gates is joined by a cast of rotating artists including Bengal, Jonboy Meyers, Pop Mhan, Emanuela Lupacchino, Carmen Carnero, Cat Staggs and Emma Vieceli.

"The Adventures of Supergirl is a fun, accessible, exciting comic featuring an optimistic and positive heroine going up against some huge threats," Gates told NEWSARAMA in a recent interview. "There are so few books like that in the current comics marketplace, in my opinion, and given the show's popularity, Supergirl should be leading that charge."

The six-issue Adventures of Supergirl series is hitting shelves twice monthly starting on May 11 with a cover price of $2.99.


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