Adventures of Supergirl

The Comic Shop Worker Who Saved The Day Thanks To 'Supergirl'
On Saturday December 3, 2016, an Indiana-based comics retail worker named Mary tweeted a story about an an encounter with a young Supergirl fan that made waves across the comics internet, reaching thousands of fans, as well as comic creators and the cast of the Supergirl TV show. ComicsAlliance caught up with Mary to talk about the state of LGBTQ representation in superhero comics, and to find out which books she would recommend to young readers.
Sterling Gates On Weaving Between Episodes In 'Supergirl'
CBS' Supergirl television show is one of the most fun and enjoyable superhero adaptations in recent memory, a true all-ages superhero show with an abundance of action, drama and most of all, heart. While we have to wait until DC Rebirth for Supergirl to return to the main DC Universe, comic fans have been getting their fix with the digital-first series Adventures of Supergirl by Sterling Gates and a roster of amazing artists, which updates every other Monday. While originally planned to be digital-only before being collected in print, the adaptation has been so successful that DC is collecting the series into single issues first, beginning next month. Ahead of the print release, ComicsAlliance chatted with Gates about adapting character voices from another medium, weaving in between the continuity of the show, and the differences between writing for digital and print comics.
'The Adventures Of Supergirl' Is Coming To Print In May
Say what you will about DC's mass media projects, but one thing they've been very good about over the past few years is giving giving us plenty of comics meant to take advantage of their mass media success. With Batman v Superman hitting screens this month, it's at the point where you literally can't open a box of Cheerios without finding a comic book in there somewhere, but for the TV universe, they've been relying on digital-first comics like The Adventures of Supergirl to help turn viewers into readers. Now, though, it looks like they're expanding that plan into print. As announced today, DC will be publishing Adventures of Supergirl as a bimonthly comic at $2.99, serializing the digital-first stories that tie into the CBS Supergirl show in advance of a paperback collection set to debut this fall.
'Adventures of Supergirl' #1 Brings TV's Supergirl to Comics
When the CBS Supergirl TV series was announced, and then when its premiere approached, and again when it turned out to be a really good show, one question was repeated among the fans of the character: Where is Supergirl in the comics? Thankfully that question has now been answered with Adventures of Supergirl by Sterling Gates and Bengal, a digital-first series set in the world of the TV show.
DC Announces Digital-First 'Adventures of Supergirl' Series
DC Comics has announced Adventures of Supergirl, a Digital First comic set in the Supergirl TV series continuity. Sterling Gates will pen the new title, and Bengal provides art for the first three chapters. He'll be followed by a rotating roster of artists, including Jonboy Meyers, Emanuela Lupacchino, and Emma Vieceli. The book debuts January 25, 2016, and is scheduled to run for 13 chapters, which will be collected in a full-length graphic novel. There are no plans to print the series in single issue format, as has been the case with previous Digital First books.