Children's story illustration fans, have a seat, because we have a real treat for you today in the work of artist Charles Santoso. His pieces, which feature tributes to Peanuts, My Neighbor Totoro and Harry Potter, look like joint ventures between Renée French and Jill Thompson.From the textures to the weight of the figures that Santoso draws, every one of them looks like a traditionally flat cartoon that got inflated with just a tiny bit of realism. He manages to create fluffy, touchable vibes without distorting the Peanuts gang or Calvin and Hobbes' original looks and shapes. Therein lies his magic

Have a look at Santoso's Tumblr feed, and you'll see what we mean. He's got a blog, too, where you'll see his process broken down and final products on display. Take it all in and check out a few of our favorite examples of his art below.