Chikara Pro Wrestling is wrestling for people that think they might not like wrestling. It’s essentially a fast-paced, high-action stunt show with plenty of drama, comedy and excitement, and it's essentially the closest thing you’ll get to seeing superheroes in real life. I love Chikara so much that I've just spent three days watching the huge King of Trios tournament alongside other ComicsAlliance staffers!.

If you love Chikara or the art of lucha libre in general, there’s a wealth of comics out there for you. Earlier this year, I recommended five comics for fans of WrestleMania, but this week I’ve chosen five comics with a decidedly lucha twist that are perfect for fans of Chikara Pro Wrestling. Love that? Try this!

  • The Legend of La Mariposa

    James Lawrence

    Luchadores and superheroes get compared to each other so much that there’s often a lot of crossover between the two, and few comics do it better than James Lawrence’s The Legend of La Mariposa. The lead character of La Mariposa is an aspiring luchadora superhero who wants to join The Sons of Justice, but is sent on a quest to take part on The Demon Gauntlet to prove her worth, and to get her out of the Sons' hair. Charming and hilarious, La Mariposa is your new favorite wrestler and your new favorite superhero.

  • Tagged!

    Parker Lovell

    Big Mack is a washed-up former deathmatch wrestler struggling to break out of the heel persona everyone is trying to force him into. La Falcon is an up and coming legacy wrestler trying to make a name for herself and prove to her legendary father she was what it takes. When Mack saves La Falcon from being crushed by a light fixture, the pair are thrust together into a tag-team tournament where they have to find common ground and work as a team to win. While Tagged is currently on indefinite hiatus, there’s enough story to devote some time to its story and characters, and it’ll absolutely leave you wanting more.

  • Strongman

    Charles Soule & Allan Gladfelter

    Way before Charles Soule was a superstar writer working on books like Daredevil and Uncanny Inhumans, he wrote this noir inspired tale featuring a washed-up luchador. In his youth, Tigre was one of the biggest stars in the industry, but now he’s old, broken and forgotten. When a beautiful woman comes to him seeking help, he sees one last shot at glory. Definitely not as “fun” as most of the comics on this list, but it’s a great hidden gem that passed many by.

  • Lucha Libre

    Jerry Frissen, et al

    Lucha Libre is an anthology comic that was first published by Humanoids and then later by Image Comics. While there are many stories with a host of great artists, the standout is “Luchadores 5,” about a gang of five middle-aged men who become luchador-themed vigilantes to protect their neighborhood from werewolves, tiki warriors and rednecks. Unfortunately, only a small portion has been printed by Image, but if you can pick up the French version there are ten volumes to get stuck into.

  • El Gorgo

    Mike McGee & Tamas Jakab

    Okay, so if you’re reading this far, it’s fair to assume you like luchadores, plus you’re on a comic site, so odds are you like superheroes too. Do you also love scientists? Now, how do you feel about gorillas? Well if you like everything we just mentioned, El Gorgo is the comic book for you. El Gorgo is all of those things and more, and his stories are pure, concentrated Silver Age awesomeness in a way not many people are able to pull off. There hasn’t been an update in several years, but there are still three full issues and a Christmas special to enjoy.


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