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If You Love Chikara Pro Wrestling, Try These Comics Next
Chikara Pro Wrestling is wrestling for people that think they might not like wrestling. It’s essentially a fast-paced, high-action stunt show with plenty of drama, comedy and excitement, and it's essentially the closest thing you’ll get to seeing superheroes in real life. I love Chikara so much that I've just spent three days watching the huge King of Trios tournament alongside other ComicsAlliance staffers!. If you love Chikara or the art of lucha libre in general, there’s a wealth of comics out there for you. Earlier this year, I recommended five comics for fans of WrestleMania, but this week I’ve chosen five comics with a decidedly lucha twist that are perfect for fans of Chikara Pro Wrestling. Love that? Try this!
'Lucha Underground' Has A Free Comic You Can Read Online
Lucha Underground is probably the single best superhero show on television. Seriously, I don't mean that in the usual "pro wrestling is like superheroes" sort of way where you talk about larger-than-life characters battling their way through morality plays. I mean that it's a pro wrestling promotion with a complex continuity that involves a dragon that has taken human form, an avatar of death fighting an avatar of life, and a long-running plot about Seven Ancient Aztec Medallions that will give you the power to rival the gods themselves. The season ends with someone turning into a spaceship to return to their home in the stars. It's not about superheroes in the way that Monday Night Raw is about "superheroes," it's about superheroes in the way that Legends of Tomorrow is about superheroes. So while I'm definitely glad to see it happen, it's not entirely surprising that they're promoting the start of the second season by branching out into comics. What is surprising, though, is that you can read the entire full-length comic for free.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-Themed Wrestlers Are Feuding
The world of pro wrestling can be a beautiful thing. For proof, you need look no further than the recent developments in lucha libre, in which there are not one, not two, but three different groups of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed factions that have recently begun warring with each other. I can only assume this conflict was inevitable, but it came to a head when AULL's Tortiguillos Karatekas were taking on the IWRG's Tortugas Ninja in a four-on-four tag team match that was interrupted when a third faction, Las Tortugas Mutantes, ran in and started attacking everyone.
Incredible Lucha Libre Hulk from Muttpop
Muttpop has put out a new figure (which was offered through Previews, and may be available in your comic shop) that they call "Tequila Incredible Edition," which looks an awful lot like a certain angry green Marvel superhero in a Lucha Libre costume, with an optional poncho...