Upcoming: Chris Giarrusso will pay homage to Todd McFarlane's Spawn #1 cover with a Spawn #220 variant in June. [Image]

Gaming: Ubisoft has registered a domain for "Avengers: Battle for Earth," meaning the film could see a videogame tie-in after all. [Joystiq]

Movies: Moviefone shares their predictions for an eventual The Avengers sequel. [MF]

Fresh Ink! Online: Richard Starkings (Elephantmen) joins Blair Butler this week to review Mind the Gap, Supreme, Action Comics, Dotter of Her Father's Eyes, Tampopo, XO Manowar, The Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred and Stale N Mate. [G4]

Movies: The Amazing Spider-Man film's viral campaign continues with a new lucha libre-themed image. [SHH]

Gaming: The Walking Dead Social Game still doesn't have an exact release date, but its makers say it's Facebook release isn't too far in the offing. [AMC]

Tech: Eight gigs of Iron Man/Thor/Captain America/Hulk Avengers data storage can now be yours for $40 a pop. [Gizmodo]

Comics: Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth will conclude in December with issue #40. [Vertigo]

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