Lucha Underground is probably the single best superhero show on television. Seriously, I don't mean that in the usual "pro wrestling is like superheroes" sort of way where you talk about larger-than-life characters battling their way through morality plays. I mean that it's a pro wrestling promotion with a complex continuity that involves a dragon that has taken human form, an avatar of death fighting an avatar of life, and a long-running plot about Seven Ancient Aztec Medallions that will give you the power to rival the gods themselves. The season ends with someone turning into a spaceship to return to their home in the stars. It's not about superheroes in the way that Monday Night Raw is about "superheroes," it's about superheroes in the way that Legends of Tomorrow is about superheroes.

So while I'm definitely glad to see it happen, it's not entirely surprising that they're promoting the start of the second season by branching out into comics. What is surprising, though, is that you can read the entire full-length comic for free.


Lucha Underground comic


The comic, from Justin Ortiz, Christopher DeJoseph, Fabian Rangel Jr., and AC Osirio, is centered on Rey Mysterio Jr., who makes his debut in Lucha Underground this season.

Mysterio is, of course, best known for his time in WWE as a three-time World Champion, and for a series of superhero-themed outfits that saw him cosplaying as the Joker and the Flash, among others, at WrestleMania. The comic gives some backstory to his decision to head to Lucha Underground, and lest you think that they're toning it down this season, rest assured that it involves magic lightning and a throne of skulls.

Lucha Underground Season 2 starts tonight on the El Rey network at 8:00 PM Eastern.


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