We've been pretty jazzed on Boom! Studios' resurgence of The Disney Afternoon series. The ongoing Darkwing Duck line and the Duck Tales stories in Uncle Scrooge have been a feathery feast for the eyes, but on the eve of next week's Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers #1 debut, we're especially stoked to see its host of rad rodents return. But after facing down Fat Cat, Professor Norton Nimnul and a host of other threats, who could possibly challenge two chipmunks, two mice and a sweater-clad fly? And what does it have to do with resident Rescue Ranger inventor Gadget Hackwrench? The team of writer Ian Brill, Leonel Castellani, Jake Myler and Jason Arthur intend to answer just that.

While the official solicitation info for the series' debut issue leave plenty to the imagination, copy promoting the series second issue ensures the Rescue Rangers will be up against feral versions of their furry contemporaries as well as secrecy within their own ranks regarding important details from Gadget's past.

Check out the issue's covers and six interior pages below:

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