In an aggressive move to re-engage kids with the medium of comic books -- once their entertainment of choice -- Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles has announced Kids Comics L.A., an event they're calling "an interactive day of comics, creativity, and family fun for all ages." Taking place on December 4 and organized with Sam Humphries (one of the writers of Archaia's popular Fraggle Rock franchise) the free event will introduce young readers to the creators of some of the industry's notable all-ages material, who will in turn teach the attendees how to create their own comics.

Other creators participating in Kids Comics L.A. include Ian Brill (Darkwing Duck and Rescue Rangers for BOOM! Kids Comics), David Server and Jackson Lanzing (Penguins of Madagascar for Ape Entertainment), and Chris and Shane Houghton (Reed Gunther). Much has been made in the last several years of the obvious lack of children in the mainstream comic book audience, and it's that critical absence that Kids Comics L.A. was organized to combat. "We're doing this to engage the next generation of comic books," Sam Humphries told ComicsAlliance. "It's important to make connections between young readers and comic books. Not just the joy of reading them and becoming a fan, but the joy of making them and becoming a creator too."

"I think what Sam and Meltdown Comics has organized here is fantastic, and I'm proud to be a part of it," said Ian Brill. "I remember when I was a kid, and even with the many choices in television and video games I was still drawn to the unique storytelling properties of comics. I know there are kids like that out there today. I've already seen it, with families with kids pick up and enjoy the BOOM! Disney titles at comic conventions like San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic-Con and more. Now they get their own day."

Kids Comics L.A. will host two seminars for its young attendees. The first will focus on creating characters and the second will teach the basics of comic book storytelling. Both seminars are open not just to the kids crowd, but to parents and anyone else who wishes to learn about making comics.

Refreshments will be available from the famous Grilled Cheese Truck of Los Angeles, whose wares come with my personal guarantee of quality.

For more information on Kids Comics L.A., check out the Meltdown Blog.

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