"Who's Next?" has been the slogan for Image Comics' latest ad campaign promoting its 2013 slate of books and creators, but it's probably time to move on to the next idea because the latest edition spotlighting Sex Criminals cartoonist and former Toronto mayoral candidate Chip Zdarsky seems unlikely to be topped.

"Who's next, indeed?" Zdarsky seems to ask suggestively in this photograph, in which the artist is seen wearing mirrored shades and a costume based on Jim Davis' comic strip character Garfield, an American comics icon whose wholesome reputation has been forever tainted by Zdarsky's subversive Canadian cosplay.

Launching September 25 and written by Matt Fraction, Zdarsky's Sex Criminals is a comic about crooks who can stop time with their orgasms. ComicsAlliance's Matt Wilson spoke with both creators about Sex Criminals right over here.

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