If today's release of Hawkeye #1 didn't satisfy your desire for super-heroes facing more down-to-Earth problems, I've got some good news. As spotted on Kotaku, Hong Kong photographer Chow Kar Hoo has an exhibition based around the idea of super-heroes dealing with parking tickets, day jobs and other annoyances of everyday life -- like poor Kamen Rider above, who should really know better than to leave his bike in a tow-away zone.

Check out a few of our favorite shots -- including a couple that actually fit right in with their comic book counterparts -- after the cut!Apparently even masked tokusatsu characters aren't immune to tough times in the economy, leading Kamen Rider Kuuga to look over the paper over breakfast before heading off to a job that requires both motorcycle gloves and a tie:

The thing about climbing up on a skyscraper is that it's really, really hard, which is why Batman has taken to brooding in slightly more accessible location. Either that, or there are some fish in that water that have made some bad choices about breaking the law:

I think this one pretty accurately sums up The Green Hornet and Kato's working relationship:

Same goes for this one. I have no trouble imagining Britt Reid gleefully hopping on a bike and leaving Kato to run alongside like he's training to fight Soda Popinski:

Now that everyone with a cell phone can Instagram Spider-Man swinging around the city with the touch of a button, Peter Parker has apparently had to take on a less glamorous task for the Daily Bugle:

Wolverine's trips to the far east usually involve an eyepatch and several thousand dead ninjas, but when you're running a school for gifted youngsters, I guess you have to take the money where you can find it. Seriously though, that cigar is crazy unsanitary:

While most of Chow's photos work by placing their subjects into unfamiliar territory, there are a few that work perfectly. His shot of Superman, for instance, could easily be a panel pulled straight from the comic, or a frame from a movie:

The same goes for his version of Hellboy, who tends to get very, very hungry after punching out monsters:

For more, check out Chow's gallery online!

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