Captain America: The First Avenger star Chris Evans has revealed some tantalizing details about his new film and its follow-up, The Avengers. In a recent interview with MTV, Evans confirmed that his character will don a new costume in The Avengers and, more surprisingly, that Captain America will OH WAIT SPOILERS so you'll have to check after the jump for a big plot reveal from The First Avenger.Captain America will find himself in the present day by the end of The First Avenger. Evans confirmed the plot point in response to a question about his character's reaction to life in our modern world in The Avengers. "In the first Cap movie they bring him into the modern world. It's established," Evans said.

The news puts to rest the long-standing question of whether Captain America, who in the classic comic book stories becomes frozen in ice for decades, will emerge from his hibernation in the Captain America movie or in The Avengers. Eagle-eyed viewers of deleted scenes on Marvel Studios' The Incredible Hulk DVD will remember a very quick shot of Captain America encased in ice and snow in a scene set in the arctic. It remains to be seen whether this scenario will play out in The First Avenger, but it certainly seems likely.

In the same MTV interview, Evans also noted that he is a big fan of his new costume for The Avengers, and that the film's script deals with the conservative Captain America's rivalry with the flamboyant Iron Man.

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