Have you ever wondered what Samus Aran's day-to-day life is like when she's not rolling up into a ball and blowing up floating jellyfish aliens? Chris Furniss obviously does. In fact, he began a series of pieces called 31 Days of Zero Suit Samus, and last we looked, he was already on day number 23. So far the series is the cutest Metroid sequel story fans could ever hope for.
If you're the kind of person who appreciates Zac Gorman's Legend of Zelda comics, Furniss's art should be right up your alley. He tumbles them on his Wasabi Sunshine website and sells a few prints through Etsy.

Furniss infuses his game art with a peppy Tiny Titans sort of energy. The situations and character interactions that he dreams up in and of themselves are hilarious, but he's got the perfect look for drawing Samus doing her laundry and Mario sitting next to her on a couch not enjoying the popcorn she's eating or the movie he's supposed to be watching. (Spoiler: It's probably 1993's Super Mario Bros.)

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