Once a Robin, always a Robin.

You'd think NCIS: Los Angeles star Chris O'Donnell would want to forget his time as the not-really-a-Boy Wonder after the dismal reception his last movie in the role, Batman and Robin received (though we here at ComicsAlliance have a real soft spot for it). Yet O'Donnell still has the costume he wore in the 1997 film, he said in a recent interview on Conan. Hear it from the man himself in the clip below (skip to about 1:24 to get to the Batman talk).



It would seem O'Donnell isn't overly proud of his costume, though. It's still in a box in his basement (Batcave??? Robin's Nest???).

I'm with Conan. Put it on and go beat up some bad guys, O'Donnell. Team up with Phoenix Jones!

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