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A couple of glossy "Invader Zim"-style eyes can go a long way making a beloved character look creepier than normal (just check out the work of Christopher Uminga if you have doubts). Chris RWK's body of graffiti artwork prefers minimal amounts of line work and sticks with a fairly consistent approach to eyes. He's done Batman and the Blues Brothers, and all of them manage to keep their cool while they stare back at you in wonder from his canvases.

RWK stands for "Robots Will Kill" over on his Flickr account and personal website, which also acts as a community site for other artists. There, you'll see some wicked Peanuts street art, as well as the "Guernica" of "Where the Wild Things Are" paintings and even a Baseball Fury from "The Warriors."

His look is fun and only slightly menacing on occasion, and there are surely a few people out there who wouldn't mind seeing him go to town on their local alleyway bricks. Browse through out favorite highlights after the jump and decide whether or not you're one of them.

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