By now we've all seen the trailers for acclaimed director Christopher Nolan's ("The Dark Knight") latest foray into cinema, "Inception," and judging the film based solely on the previews, it looks to be yet another classic Nolan mind-schtup.

For those of you who will be seeing the flick when it opens in theaters tomorrow, or if you're on the fence about dropping your hard-earned dough, Warner Bros. and Yahoo! Movies have a little something you might be interested in -- a free "Inception" prequel comic, which you can either view by using Yahoo's wonky online reader (not recommended, just in case that wasn't clear), pick up on the iVerse iPhone and iPad apps, or simply download it as a PDF.Titled "Inception: The Cobol Job" and written by Jordan Goldberg with art by Long Vo, Joe Ng and Crystal Reid of UDON Studios, the 34 page story does it's darndest to try and explain what the film's all about, which -- spoiler alert -- seems to be kinda like "The Matrix." Granted, we're probably way off base with that comparison (remember, this is Nolan we're talking about here. Dude's got chops!), but read it and see what you think -- that comments section is down there for a reason, after all.

"Inception" opens Friday, July 16 in plain ol' theaters and super-awesome IMAX, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page and a boatload of other big names.

[Via iFanboy]

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