Maybe it's because I read a lot of fantasy novels and played a lot of video games in my misspent youth, but I've always really liked seeing maps of fictional places. I obsess over them, to the point where I could probably still get around Grand Theft Auto 3's Liberty City better than I could navigate sections of my own hometown.

And apparently I'm not alone in my obsession. City Prints, a "map art" company specializing in college campuses and stadiums, has recently branched out into some nifty prints based on maps from comic books and video games. Check out a few of our favorites after the jump.

Batman's hometown of Gotham City:

Superman's City of Tomorrow, Metropolis (sadly not showing the number of deadly Luthor robots that have been dumped into Hob's Bay over the years):

The ominously named Blüdhaven, where Nightwing hung his domino mask:

The Light World of Hyrule, as seen in The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past:

Fable 3's Albion:

Mass Effect 3's Citadel, a space station comprised mostly of elevators:

Who knew The Simpsons' Springfield was laid out on a grid system?

Saints Row: The Third's Steelport, decked out appropriately in Saints Purple:

Red Dead Redemption's West Elizabeth, New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso:

Resident Evil's Raccoon City:

The maps are meant for display, so they're a bit pricey at $40 for a 12" x 12" print, but they're still pretty fun to look at. Check out a few more over at City Prints' pop culture section.

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