City Prints Maps Out Your Favorite Comic Book And Video Game Locations
Maybe it's because I read a lot of fantasy novels and played a lot of video games in my misspent youth, but I've always really liked seeing maps of fictional places. I obsess over them, to the point where I could probably still get around Grand Theft Auto 3's Liberty City better than I could navigate sections of my own hometown...
Take a Tour of Gotham City in ‘DC Universe Online’ [Video]
Last month we brought you a very cool look at Superman's home of Metropolis as it appears in DC Universe Online, the hotly anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on the popular superheroes of DC Comics. Specifically, we took a lovely tour of the Metropolis Police Department, and it was indeed lovely...
Superman Faces Off Against Gotham City in Amazing Splash Page [Art]
We've linked to Ulises Farinas ("Motro") before, notably for his totally winning art of the Marvel and DC Universes in Lego, but after we saw the latest piece on his Flickr account, we knew we'd have to do it again. In the short comic, Lex Luthor infects Superman with a Starro-based "hypnotic neuro-viral" that forces him to attack Gotham City, where he faces off against the sup