At this point, I'm going to go ahead and assume that you're already familiar with Copra, the amazing tribute to Suicide Squad written, drawn, lettered, and published by Michel Fiffe. I mean, it's pretty consistently been one of ComicsAlliance's picks for the best thing going since it started. Unfortunately for newer readers, there was a while where it was pretty difficult to jump on.

Owing to its nature as a self-published project, the single issues of Copra have been extremely scarce -- especially the early ones with a very limited print run. Thankfully, now you can get the whole thing. This month, Copra: Round Two is being solicited, collecting #7 - 12 of what Fiffe calls "The Juggernaut of Violence," and finishing the book's debut story.




Copra's scarcity in single issues has been a pretty big stumbling block for new readers -- early issues were limited to only 400 copies, and with a huge level of critical acclaim for the series that went along with Fiffe's rise to prominence, they've become pretty sought-after. I even saw someone trying to sell the first 12 issues (along with DEATHZONE, the Suicide Squad fan-comic that kicked off the project) on eBay for $4,000, meaning that if they actually sold, they would officially become the most valuable comics I own.

Heck, I think that would make them the most valuable things I own.

But as always, what matters is the story, and with the release of Round One in paperback last year, Round Two's release in April will finish out the first story. For more (including a printable order form), check out Fiffe's tumblr.



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