Dan Slott and Jim Cheung’s The Clone Conspiracy is the year’s big Spider-Man event, as long-time foe The Jackal is going around resurrecting pretty much anyone that ever met Peter Parker before their death. This week saw even more characters return from the dead, and considering some of them are quite obscure we’ve put together a handy chart to keep track of who’s who in The Clone Conspiracy.

Warning: Spoilers for The Clone Conspiracy #2 follow

I’ve written at length about my love for D-List supervillains, and few people have a stronger roster of D-Listers than the Amazing Spider-Man. There are some truly obscure names counted among the recently resurrected villains in The Jackal’s employ, so if the reveal left you a bit lost, check out our guide to who’s who:


Jim Cheung (Click for full size)
Jim Cheung (Click for full size)
  • Stefano Caselli
    Stefano Caselli


    Alistair Smythe

    Smythe inherited his spider slaying line of work from his father, and used his genius to create a suit of armor that restored his ability to walk. He died fighting the Superior Spider-Man while trying to escape prison.

  • Arthur Suydam
    Arthur Suydam

    Jack O'Lantern

    Steve Levins

    Levins was a mercenary who briefly worked for the Red Skull. During the superhuman Civil War, he was sent to apprehend the renegade Spider-Man but was killed by the Punisher.

  • Keith Pollard
    Keith Pollard

    Spencer Smythe

    Alistair’s father, and the man who created Spider-Slayer robots, like the one he is seen next to in the spread. He was dying of radiation poisoning, and so kidnapped Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson to see their own deaths before he met his maker, but he passed before his plan could be fulfilled.

  • Chris Samnee
    Chris Samnee


    Wilbur Day

    Stilt-Man was primarily a Daredevil villain who created a suit of armor with hydraulic legs. His legs were blown up with a rocket launcher by The Punisher, who then shot him to death.

  • John Romita Jr.
    John Romita Jr.

    The Hobgoblin

    Hobgoblin is an identity that has been used a lot by supervillains, so this could be Arnold Donovan, who was killed by the original Hobgoblin; Jason Macendale who was also killed by the original Hobgoblin; or Daniel Kingsley, who was killed by Phil Urich. It could also possibly be Ned Leeds, who was killed by agents of the mercenary Foreigner, but he was brainwashed into being Hobgoblin by the original, so maybe not.

  • John Romita
    John Romita


    Frank Oliver

    Oliver was an Australian boxer who was sent to steal radioactive isotopes by mad scientist Jonas Harrow, but died from the radiation almost immediately upon entering the room.

  • Alex Saviuk
    Alex Saviuk

    The Rose

    Sgt. Blume

    After the original Rose was unmasked as Richard Fisk, a police officer attempted to take on the identity and continue the plan to bring down the Kingpin. Blume was betrayed and left for dead by his partner and Richard Fisk's best friend, Alfredo.

  • Ross Andru
    Ross Andru

    Green Goblin

    Bart Hamilton

    Hamilton was Harry Osborn’s psychiatrist who abused his position to learn all the secrets of the Goblin legacy. He attempted to set himself up as a crime boss, but was attacked by Harry and died in the subsequent explosion.

  • Mike Wieringo
    Mike Wieringo


    Quentin Beck

    Quentin Beck was a special effects artist who used his knowledge to become a master of illusions. He was imprisoned on Earth-1610 and died when that universe was wiped from existence

  • Ross Andru
    Ross Andru

    The Hitman

    Burt Kenyon

    The Hitman served with Frank Castle in Vietnam and became a mercenary after returning to America. In a final battle at the Statue of Liberty, The Punisher chose to save Spider-Man over Kenyon, and so The Hitman fell to his death.

  • Antonio Fabela
    Antonio Fabela

    Carlos (or Eduardo) Lobo

    The Lobo Brothers were mutants who had the power to turn into werewolves. Both Carlos and Eduardo are dead, but this is likely Carlos, who was sent to kill Peter Parker’s clone, Kaine, and was killed by his boss when he failed. It could also be Eduardo, who died due to a bullet meant for Spider-Man, but his fur was black as opposed to Carlos’s brown.

  • Sal Buscema
    Sal Buscema


    Antón Miguel Rodríquez

    Tarantula was a South American freedom fighter who traveled to the United States. He was mutated into a giant spider-like creature. Horrified at what had become, he committed suicide by charging at the police so they would shoot and kill him.

  • Giuseppe Camuncoli
    Giuseppe Camuncoli


    Marcus Lyman

    Lyman was a stockbroker involved in an accident that left shrapnel embedded in his brain, removing his ability to feel empathy or value human life. He was shot point blank in the face by the Superior Spider-Man.

  • Steve Lieber
    Steve Lieber


    Desmond Charne

    Mirage was a Z-List villain adept at producing holographic projections via technology. He was killed by the supervillain serial killer the Scourge of the Underworld, but was resurrected by The Hood, only to later be killed by Boomerang, who pushed him off a building to tie-up a loose end.

  • Steve Ditko
    Steve Ditko

    Big Man

    Frederick Foswell

    Foswell was a reporter for the Daily Bugle who led a double-life as a would-be crime boss. He rose to the rank of Kingpin’s lieutenant, but sacrificed himself and took a bullet intended for J. Jonah Jameson.

  • Marko Djurdjevic
    Marko Djurdjevic

    Ox and Montana

    This pair made up two thirds of The Enforcers, muscle for hire often employed by The Kingpin. Montana fell to his death from The Kingpin’s building due to The Hobgoblin’s sonic scream. Ox joined up with a group of underappreciated supervillains, but was killed by a new player in town named Itsy Bitsy, who was trying to make a name for herself.

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