Biological diversity is a beautiful thing, no? Humans, tigers, pugs, trees. Earth is one big petri dish of beautiful life. But what of our fictional friends born of other stars? College Humor lovingly harnesses the optimism of Carl Sagan to explore life on other worlds and examines just how different (but wonderfully similar) we are to the Autobots and Decepticons of Cybertron, the ThunderCats of Thundera, and more. Hit the jump to celebrate the cosmic biological diversity springing from many of your favorite cartoons and comics.Rather than taking viewers on a simple intergalactic tour of their favorite pop culture icons' homeworlds, CH finds a way to establish a highly plausible (if somewhat saddening) relationship between Thundera and Alf's home planet of Melmac. The cartoon Sagan stand-in also points out the strange science behind the world of the Teletubbies, He-Man's adopted homeworld of Eternia and other compelling corners of the cosmos. Sentient suns, magical castles and Robin Williams in a space egg, baby. The diversity of cosmic life truly is a wonderful thing.

Catch Carl Sagan's Fictional Cosmos below: