When Colton Haynes joined The CW's Arrow in season two as Roy Harper, it was only a matter of time before he got gussied up in his best red Arrow cosplay as Arsenal -- given that, you know, that's who Roy Harper is in the comics. I mean, he could have been Speedy or, oh, Red Arrow, I guess, but since Speedy is a daft name and they don't even want to call the main guy in the show Green Arrow, they kind of have to go with Arsenal, though that's a rotten codename too. But I digress.

Entertainment Weekly has unveiled the first official look at Colton Haynes in his dark red Robin Hood suit. Doesn't he look brooding and moody and serious? And isn't that an awful lot of lacing?



The good news is that the suit strikes a pretty good balance between kitschy and cool, and it's a lot more interesting that Arrow's own green garbage bag tunic. And that hood look lovely and soft.

When Arrow first started it still suffered from some of the Warner Bros trademark embarrassment at being a live action superhero production. The show has grown in confidence over time, and now that The Flash is around the corner there's really no excuse for Arrow to avoid proper costumes, or daft codenames like 'Arsenal'.

One assumes that the characters won't wear the costumes much anyway, as there is an important shirtlessness quotient that the show needs to maintain at all times.

Colton Haynes joined Arrow in season two, having ditched a role in the vastly superior Teen Wolf, the best superhero show on television.

Roy Harper and Green Arrow were created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp.