Do you remember the '90s? It was a glorious time in history when comic book print runs exceeded a million copies, the first appearance of Cable was still making an impact, Dennis Miller interviewed Rob Liefeld and Marvel made memorable swimsuit specials. It was also a magical era when the idea of buying a pack of cards with the chance of grabbing a photo of a comic book creator like Tom Yeates or Todd McFarlane with no shirt on made perfect sense. [Asst Ed. Note: It still makes sense to me!]

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Eclipse Enterprises honored the industry in 1992 with their Famous Comic Book Creators trading card series and made such opportunities available to the general public. Some legends like Will Eisner and Jack Kirby appeared in more conservative attire, opting for sweaters, while some younger go-getters left less of their bodies to the imagination. I can only speculate about what circumstances might have led to Eclipse acquiring the photos for its more topless images, but the 110-card set spanned decades of fashion choices and mustache styles.

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