Despite my love of the Caped Crusader, my collection of Batman stuff -- ie, not comics -- is actually pretty small. I've got a couple of action figures a few pieces of original art and a few bits and bobs, but really, there's not a whole lot out there that I want. Except, of course, for a full set of those awesome, surprisingly violent trading cards from 1966 featuring the artwork of Norm Saunders. I've been wanting a set of those foryears, but I've only got a couple of them.

Unfortunately, even if I had found myself a set of every card that was actually released, it still wouldn't be complete. It seems that there's one last card, never released to the public: "Batman On Bat-Throne," featuring the World's Greatest Detective on what I can only assume is the World's Greatest Toilet.

Here's a closer (and unfortunately blurrier) image, courtesy of eBay user clubhouse, who's currently auctioning it off:


Batman on Bat Throne


And their description:

The holy grail of all BATMAN CARDS. A 1966 TOPPS Batman black cape BATMAN ON BAT THRONE. A family member use to work at the Topps printing plant in CT during the 1960's. That is where this card originated from. It appears some Topps employees were bored one day and made a card of Batman sitting on the toilet. This card was never released. I have not seen this card before and all that I have shown to have never seen this before. The card is on Topps card stock with a blank back. Card is over sized (3 x 4.5") so it could be cut down to a normal size card. There is a crease through the middle of card.

I have no idea whether or not this is actually legit, but if there's one thing we know about commercial artists from the '60s, it's that they were easily bored and extremely foulmouthed, so on that front at least, the story checks out.

This particular auction also includes a complete set of the cards, which would make it pretty tempting except that the starting bid is $3,500, which makes it a bit rich for my blood. Maybe he's hoping that millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne is willing to shell out a pittance just to keep this image out of the hands of the public.

[via Tom Peyer]

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