If you've been thinking to yourself, "I wish there was some way to simultaneously find some use for old graphic novels that no-one needs or wants anymore while also doing something to promote reading in general and reading comics in particular," then it's your lucky day: Meet the Avengehogs.They're the creation of young adult librarian (and former Eisner Awards judge) Robin Brenner, who created them to promote an event for the Brookline Library's teen manga/anime club. She shared the team Brookine Teen Librarian blog, explaining that they were made from repurposed books ("drawn from our discarded but well-loved to the point of falling apart comics and paperbacks - no worries, replacements have already hit the shelves," she noted) and duct tape, and "powered by craftiness and geek passion."

Brenner also shared the method necessary to create book hedgehogs for yourself. Finally, I have something to do with those Showcase Presents Green Lantern editions I've read far, far too many times already.

[Co-Senior Editor's note: As a dude who got into comics through Archie's Sonic series, I'd love seeing a Sonic the Hedgehog... hedgehog... made from Sonic comics. Too meta? - Caleb]

[Via Robot6]

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