Comic Book Comics, the six-issue miniseries by Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey that retold the history of comic books, finally gets collected on May 9th in an IDW trade paperback collection titled The Comic Book History of Comics: The Inspiring, Infuriating, and Utterly Insane Story of the American Comic Book History. ComicsAlliance will be running exclusive previews from each of the issues each week until the release, continuing today with a chapter titled "Fanbase Presents," which charts the beginning of the longstanding tradition of comics fans becoming pros. But where did it -- and fandom itself -- start? And some of the fans-turned-pros may have some famous -- and unexpected names.Next week: Pow! Bam! Pop! Holy Plagiarism, Batman! The pop art revolution hits comics culture in a big way in the 60s -- just not always in a good way!

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