While it's cringe-worthy to do so in almost every other instance, Maya Irvine, Emily Schwartzman, Ward Penney and Mark Shuster's Kinect hack makes a blogger want to incorporate "Bam! Pow!" into their headline to describe the team's industrious use of motion gaming technology. Check out how this group of Carnegie Mellon University students turned the Xbox 360's latest advancement into a classic Batman TV show sound effect generator for their Interactive Art and Computational Design course after the jump.Over at their project blog, the team outlines the core components of a "comic book" sound effect as optimized for video. Using Invincible, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Wolverine and more as examples, they narrowed down their desired aesthetic for their hack's visual onomonopia. Additionally, they reference the cinematic A Scanner Darkly for their more limited, but equally ambitious visual effect of turning Kinect users into characters who appear drawn courtesy of outlined, "illustrated" figures.

The team says it still has several challenges to work out for a more visually pleasing hack, but considering the dark technosorcery they've overcome to make this video, I think they've done a pretty admirable job thus far.

See the magic yourself below: