Gaming: The Xbox 360 demo trailer for Avengers: Battle For Earth seems to incorporate plenty of The Avengers movie flavor. [Topless Robot]

Tech: Ten One Design's pressure-sensitive Pogo Connect Bluetooth Pen for the iPad is now available for pre-order for about $80, with a scheduled shipping date of October 31. [Engadget]

Movies: WB will release the full The Dark Knight Trilogy on Blu-ray on December 4 (the same day as The Dark Knight Rises), which packages all three Nolan Batman films with an exclusive production book for the retail price of about $53. Those who wait until 2013 will be able to pick up The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector's Edition, however, which may include further bonus features. [SHH]

Humor: Superman misunderstands popular responses to his superness, leading to unfortunate carnage. [Dorkly]

Gaming: Gundam Breaker will let Japanese players fight as Gunpla Gundam models for a change on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in 2013, with the game potentially coming to the US afterward. [ANN]

Gardening: Speaking of Gundam, Tokyo's Floral Gundam topiary makes the RX-78-2 bloom beautifully. [Crunchyroll]

Toys: Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum have release an image of their upcoming Battle Beasts Bat Minimate, which will be a Toys "R" Us exclusive. [BB]

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