I've seen my share of superhero chalk illustrations walking the floors at conventions over the years, but J.B. Winter's 24 Hour Comics Day project completed last month may be the first time I've seen a fully-functional story told on pavement.

Winter takes readers through the entire process at his blog, detailing his initial storyboard, materials used (Very wisely using knee pads) and the progress over the course of the day. The artist explains his inspiration came from the panel-like segmentation of sidewalks and their inherent outlet for outdoor audiences. Of course, the project wasn't without its challenges:

"As I did some short tests for this project in a local park, I was really surprised at how passers by doted over my work and it brought a smile to their face. Doing my project in a 24 hour period was a physically draining experience, but I think doing 3-4 panels at a time might be something I'm up for in the future."

Take a look:

[Via Midmococo]