Scott McCloud's dare-inspired 24-Hour Comics Day turned 21 this past weekend and cartoonists the world over showed up in full force to participate. Calling on creators to complete 24 pages completely from scratch in the span of a single sitting, 24-Hour Comics Day is considered a grueling challenge and those who complete it wear their final products like a badge of honor. Even those who don't hit their goals consider the time a valuable exercise in creativity and focus, walking way with some fun pages and a thoroughly flexed set of skills. Hit the jump for a smattering of some 24-Hour Comics Day 2011 projects to see a range of creators take their crack at another year of perhaps the greatest contest of might in the medium.

Mike Norton: Prominent comic book artist and Battlepug creator Mike Norton completed the peg legged pug-filled The Curse 3.0. [Twitter]

Emi Lenox: Lenox posted a teaser of her completed comic, Perfecting Loneliness, on her Twitter page. Scanned pages are live at Perfecting Loneliness. [EmiTown]

Steve Downer: Dracula the Unconquered artist Steve Downer displays his completed pages, which can be read here. [Downerillustration]

Tara Abbamondi: If you go to a wishing well, be wary of ghosts... and spirits. [Tarabba]

Warren Peace: If you're looking for a massive photo comic detailing 24-Hour Comics Day, you'll likely find Warren Peace's blog covering a multi-artist event at Chicago's Challenger Comics delightful. [WarrenPeace]

Pula Pirata: Members of Brazil's Pula Pirata studio worked on a number of strips (some NSFW). [PulaPirata]

Liminka School of Arts: Nearly 60 students at Finland's Liminka School of Arts worked feverishly from Saturday to Sunday on comics in a variety of different media. [24hrcd]

Lea Hernandez: The DivaLea Flickr account is stocked with colorful pages from Hernandez's 2011 attempt appropriately titled, Cute. [Flickr]

Jacob Ruby: Ruby blogs about his experience trying to complete his comic digitally from scratch, including what software he likes to use each step of the way. [JacobRuby]

Galen Dara: Dara's Song in My Bones created with Jaym Gates can be read in full on Flickr, with the full process chronicled on Dara's blog. [Google+]

Rob Stenzinger: Though he didn't get to 24 pages, Stenzinger got almost halfway through his goal. [Tumblr]

Kevin Freitas and James Stowe: You can download a PDF of Freitas and Stowe's Wango the Wallaby: Trouble in Consoletown at Freitas' official site. [KevinFreitas]

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