Rocktober? Shocktober? Mohawktober? Here at ComicsAlliance, we just can't decide what we want to celebrate this month, so we're bringing you a different monthly theme every day! Toujours, we are 'appy to celebrate Captain America's greatest foe avec Batroc the Leaper! Ah, but once again, our indecision 'as gotten ze bettair of us! We zimply could not narrow it down to just un panel to capture 'is greatness! So as we enjoy a beautiful Batroctober, check out a few other exemples of ze mastair of savate, non?

Captain America & Batroc #1:

Tales of Suspense #85:

Marvel Adventures Avengers #35:

Captain America #252:

Et finalement, from Captain America & Batroc #1, one for ze ladies!

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