Rocktober? Shocktober? Mohawktober? Here at ComicsAlliance, we just can't decide what we want to celebrate this month, so we're bringing you a different monthly theme every day! Today, we're honoring the achievements of Matt Murdock, who rose up from childhood poverty to become one of New York's most accomplished trial lawyers. We understand he is also Daredevil. The image above comes from Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera's amazing current run on Daredevil, but check out one of our favorite classic Matt Murdock moments after the cut!Daredevil comics are full of great moments, but very few of them involve Daredevil's alter ego. That's why we love this sequence from Ann Nocenti and John Romita Jr.'s Daredevil #252, where a bunch of people trapped in a subway car by the events of Fall of the Mutants are led to safety by a blind man.

So here's to you and your forty years of awesome feats and absolutely terrible decision-making, Daredevil! Happy Matt Murdocktober!

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