Rocktober? Shocktober? Mohawktober? Here at ComicsAlliance, we just can't decide what we want to celebrate this month, so we're bringing you a different monthly theme every day! Today, we're giving props to ComicsAlliance's favorite MC, the man who brought you the War for Infinity, West Coast Avengers Mixtape, and the theme song to our own War Rocket Ajax podcast, Adam WarRock! Catch one of our favorite tracks from Adam's live tour (featuring Tribe One!) after the cut!

If you didn't catch Adam WarRock on the tour that's just winding down (with Mega Ran, K. Murdock, MC Lars and mc chris), then the video above should give you a small sample of what you missed out on. Plan better in the future, and in the meantime, celebrate WarRocktober (and maybe even Ahnovember!) by heading over to to buy albums and listen to his awesome ongoing tracklog!

[Editor's Note: You can also listen to his debut single "Silver Age" -- my personal favorite -- and his entire West Coast Avengers mixtape for free here are ComicsAlliance.]

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