It probably shouldn't be surprising that Jason Latour and Robbie Rodriguez's Spider-Gwen is inspiring musical tributes from readers. She is, after all, one of the year's most talked about costume designs, ranking just behind the Batgirl of Burnside in terms of spiking fan interest even before the comic came out, and once it did, the revelation that she was the drummer for a band called the Mary Janes paved the way for people to express their love of Gwen Stacy through the magic... of song.

We loved Married With Sea Monsters' grrl-group take on The Mary Janes' fictional anthem "Face It Tiger," and we're equally fond of the new track from ComicsAlliance's favorite MC, Adam Warrock. As you may already know, Adam (alias Euge Ahn) does a fundraiser every year called the 24-hour Rap-A-Thon, where he does as many tracks as he can in a single day, and one of those tracks was all about Gwen Stacy's turn as the new Spider-Woman. Today, he dropped the remix, and it's pretty great.

In addition to helping fund Adam's indie rap career, which involves making a lot of music about Marvel Comics, a portion of the money raised by "Spider-Gwen" and the other 17 tracks of the Rap-A-Thon mixtape was donated to RAINN, so it's exactly the kind of thing you can feel good about beyond just being a pretty great song. To download it for free (along with a bunch of other great Adam Warrock tracks), head
to his website


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