While singer Robin Thicke set his pop hit to a highly dubious music video, sued the family of his stated inspiration Marvin Gaye for agreeing that it does indeed sound like Marvin Gaye, declared it a "feminist movement within itself" and continues to do god knows what else to crush the stupid thing into the ground, nerdcore musician Adam WarRock teamed up with cartoonist (and frequent ComicsAlliance contributor) Chris Haley to rescue "Blurred Lines" from Thicke's icky grasp and redeem it as a truly affectionate tribute to the world of convention cosplay. Enjoy "Nerrd Lines."

WarRock described the inspiration for the track on his website:

In this weird nerd world that we live in, it’s kind of funny how many professional cosplayers we know, or people who are sort of web-renowned for their cosplay abilities. It’s the kind of thing that I think gets derision from a lot of people who aren’t self identified nerdy types; but the more that I’ve been to cons and seen people really happy, enthusiastic, just expressing themselves in support of whatever they are dressed as; it’s kind of a beautiful thing, right? I was waiting for a ride to the airport from Otakon, standing there with my boxes and bags tired and beaten up, and I saw a mom drop off 3 little kids dressed up as anime characters, and the mom got out of the car and helped adjust their costumes before they ran to the line to get into Otakon. It was a pretty great moment, and it made me thankful to be in the genre or realm or whatever you call it that I’m in. Nerds rule.

Sample lyrics:

In these nerd lines

you know you got it

And so you flaunt it 

you're at the con and


in that costume

Think she looks fantastic

Spandex and plastic



Wanna take your picture,

When you're in the get up

Treat you with respect

cuz a creep'll get a fist to the face


You blew my mind off

Take a pic with psylocke

What rhymes with psylocke?


Ok now they might judge, think it's all fun and games

But you're so proud and nerdy, and I think it's a shame

That some they can't accept it

you do and I respect it

If I forgot to mention

Hey Dr. Girlfriend..


And some more:

Oh, this for the cosplayers,

For the jean greyers that I saw later

This one goes out to all the Homestuck trolls

I don't read Homestuck, but do your thing, yo


I just want everyone to express themselves

whether you're dressing like you're the belle of the ball, I mean y'all

With hair to the ceiling bright pink I mean

I just love to see you doing your thing


I'm kinda new on the scene, but you're pursuing a dream

I'd never ruin it, yes I'm fully supporting every stitch and a seam

Get lost in your eyes, every time, in fact

But I man I gotta ask, girl, is that a colored contact


Just shake your cape

Get up

Get down


Like you're in that skirt

That S on your shirt

Like you're not from Earth



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