While other sites may be content to bring you Rocktober, Shocktober or Mohawktober, ComicsAlliance is committed to commemorating the things that really matter! That's why this month, we're bringing you 31 days of coitus interruptus as we celebrate C**kblocktober!DID YOU KNOW...

  • The ultimate champion of keeping someone from getting laid in comics is, of course, Robin the Boy Wonder. Some have speculated that this is his revenge for being made to wear tiny green pants and a bright red and yellow outfit while people are shooting at him, but I suspect that it's a skill that Alfred teaches him when Batman isn't around, purely for his own amusement.
  • The best example of this? An episode of Batman '66 when Catwoman toys with the idea of forsaking a life of crime if Batman agrees to try going out with her. Batman asks what they'll do about Robin, and Catwoman responds with a shrug and "Oh, we'll kill him." Needless to say, the date did not happen, but a young Chris Sims fell in love with Julie Newmar forever.
  • Andy Khouri has been trying to get "C**kblocktober" on this site for two years.

Thank you for celebrating this month with us, everyone! Join us tomorrow when we kick off an exciting November!

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