Community is back. The brilliant and comics friendly NBC comedy (has any other television show, ever, featured an issue of Scud The Disposable Assassin?) made its season five debut Thursday night, with series creator Dan Harmon running the show once more. At ComicsAlliance, we've been fans of the show pretty much from the beginning, and even if it never again quite reaches the heights it once achieved -- season four wasn't exactly great, but our fingers are crossed for this year -- we'll always celebrate the good times.

With that in mind, we figured now was a good time to look back at a piece of Community art by noted Applebee's aficionado Chip Zdarsky, who we understand also draws that Sex Criminals comic all the kids are talking about.

The art was created for an article in the National Post early last year, titled "Can 'Community' Be Saved?" Turns out it was, for at least one more season, as NBC desperately tries to get it to 100 episodes for syndication recognizes the potential of the show, and has listened to its passionate fanbase.

You can check out Zdarksy's art below, a yearbook style piece featuring the cast in their mortarboards, except for Jeff, who possibly gave his to Annie's Boobs (the monkey, you guys.)