While only show attendees were able to catch Conan O'Brien's surprise Comic-Con appearance during Friday's Green Lantern: The Animated Series panel, The Museum of Conan Art's collection of The Flaming C pieces was open to anyone in San Diego willing to wait in line for a bit at 353 5th Avenue. Co-created by O'Brien and animation icon Bruce Timm during a segment on his TBS talk show Conan, The Flaming C has been inserted into clips from Young Justice, has inspired cosplayers and even custom action figure makers. This museum exhibit took The Flaming C's presence in pop culture to the next level, however, with a giant Lego statue, several parody paintings and a store stocked with t-shirts and The Flaming C's trademark oven mitt. See a few shots from inside the exhibit after the jump.

Patrick Giles
Bettina M. Kurkoski

Tony Esteves

Eric Anderson

Paul Pape

Matt Muzzy

Pencils and inks by Paper Lab Studios

Colors and Design by Manny Cartoon

Michael Shae

Allison Hoffman

Nathan Sawaya

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