The blogosphere's been buzzing like a former Nazi sympathizer composed of mutant bees (well... buzzing a lot, anyway) in the wake of early Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark previews, but not everyone has seen eye-to-eye on the Julie Taymor, Bono and The Edge's $65 million extravaganza. Conan O'Brien took to his late night TBS talkshow last evening to give his viewers a chance to judge a... version... of production for themselves and the results are better than any fan could have dreamed.Featuring such inspirational lyrics as, "I'm Spidey, Spidey! And I'm Mighty, Mighty! And I'm Here to Fighty for What's Righty, Righty!" and "I am Doctor Octopus. I am going to sock your puss," Conan's version of the musical may seem more straightforward than Bono and The Edge's Turn Off the Dark tunes, but there's plenty to appreciate about the streamlined storytelling. Why blow millions on special effects when a few cans of pink Silly String will convey the effects of Spider-Man's webbing just fine?

Additionally, I'm pretty sure the preview showings of Turn Off the Dark won't feature a cameo by a man in Wonder Woman drag. Maybe something to consider before the January opener, Taymor and company?

See the clip from last night's Conan below:

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