Since itss launch last fall, COPRA has been a favorite among the ComicsAlliance staff. Created, produced and distributed by cartoonist Michel Fiffe, the series is largely inspired by the work of John Ostrander, Kim Yale, Luke McDonnell and others on DC Comics' Suicide Squad in the 1980s. Like Suicide Squad, COPRA features a collection of one note villains that Fiffe makes you come to care about as the series progresses. But the title is much more than just an homage to the comics Fiffe grew up reading; with its tight scripts, fantastic page layouts, and incredibly well constructed fight scenes, interspersed with some deeply human moments, Fiffe's COPRA ranks among the best titles currently being published.

Fiffe has provided ComicsAlliance with a six page preview of COPRA#12, on sale this week. Additionally, he's revealed that the series, originally meant to conclude with this issue, will continue after a brief hiatus.

That's incredibly welcome news. We'll have more on the title in our Best of 2013 roundup, but for now suffice to say that if you aren't reading it, you're missing out. The series can be purchased via Fiffe's Etsy page. Some of the earlier issues are now sold out, but Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn, NY has produced three compendiums, available via mail order, that collect three issues each. Further, the Etsy store where Fiffe sells the series will have a 20% off sale on Friday, November 29th and Sunday, December 1st.

And if you're fortunate, your local comic shop may carry COPRA. It's a self published book, so it's not available everywhere, but I've seen it on shelves in stores in New York and Seattle, so it's certainly out there.

You can check out a five page preview below, and for a more detailed look at the series, check out our review of issue #1 from last year, as well as our interview with Fiffe.