When the bottled city of Kandor made the jump from Brainiac collectible to full-fledged planet, a lot of fans wondered just how long Superman's relocation would last.

Judging from the title of DC's upcoming Supes storyline "Last Stand of New Krypton," the Man of Steel might want to dust off his passport for a return trip to Earth.

Brainiac is back and wants his previously-owned populace restored to its bottled state. Fortunately for New Krypton, its leader Zod has a plan to keep that from happening. Unfortunately, it involves wiping out the future for a certain Legion of Superheroes, which the extended Superman family is not too keen on.

The Source has all the details on the upcoming storyline, which will be serialized as a three-issue miniseries beginning in March. The outcome is said to feed directly into May's "War of the Supermen" event, meaning it's likely the former "last son of Krypton" could be reclaiming his previous mantle before the end of 2010.

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